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Building Inner Warmth

As we drop into our cold season, I find myself thinking about the ways in which we gather warmth, both physically and in our hearts. This past year many of us have had to be self-motivated in taking charge of our physical and mental health, faced with time to sit with ourselves and reflect within. Many have spoken about how transformational the last two years have been to our lives, with positive and negative influences. It is as though many of us are being called to align ourselves with our highest purposes. How do we care for ourselves and loved ones in turbulent waters? How do we prioritize our soul's work while raising families, working, and caring for others? How do we ignite our inner spark in the depths of winter? For many winters can be a time of little motivation and lows. Aromatherapy to build energy is a simple, integrative and supportive remedy, that brings an uplifting connection.

Few medical systems understand warmth and energy than the teachings and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi is the word used to describe energy in Chinese Medicine Theory, interpreted as life energy, vital energy, or life force. Ancient Chinese believed that everything in the universe was the manifestation of the movement and change of qi. In practical terms Qi within the body can be a heat source, warming the body, maintaining an internal temperature to maintain normal physiological functions. Deficiency of qi lowers the body temperature, brings cold intolerance, and cold hands and feet. As humans, we acquire qi from two sources - innate qi, that with which we are born with or have inherited; and secondly that which we acquire as nourishment from nature, oxygen, water, and food. 


Essential oils are a form of vitality, a therapeutic expression distilled from plant matter. Connecting with an oil is the perfect way to bring in the vitality of life, through the energetic expression of the plant. Traditionally, many northern cultures have turned to Pine trees as a source of energy and healing. Pine is prolific throughout boreal forests of the Northern Hemisphere and its medicinal properties are a true gift to the inhabitants of the North. Therapeutically speaking, we have evidence to support the traditional medicinal knowledge of various Pine species, for the purpose of Aromatherapy and the life-supporting qualities it offers. In Canada, we have a bounty of native Pine species that are distilled into essential oils - Pinus strobus linneus (White Pine), Pinus ponderosa (Ponderosa Pine), Pinus resinosa (Red Pine), Pinus banksiana (Jack Pine), and many varieties distilled in Europe; most notable for Aromatherapy Scotch Pine (Pinus sylvestris). Pine is a powerful remedy for mental and physical tiredness, burnout, depression, exhaustion, low self-worth, low stamina, low vitality, shallow breath, respiratory infections, and musculoskeletal aches and pains. Pine is a rubefacient, meaning it generates heat and warming qualities; this is helpful in boosting circulation, lymphatic flow, pain relief for conditions caused by inflammation such as rheumatic arthritis. In turn, Pine has a powerful effect as a reproductive restorative and regulator for both men and women; Pine is also an aphrodisiac. The energy of Pine moves as a psychological stimulant and as a physiological restorative. White Pine is a vigorous antiviral; it is both an immune & lymphatic stimulant. This tree oil is warming to the body & is a strong decongestant for respiratory conditions. Pine promotes feelings of energy & wellbeing. From the perspective of traditional Chinese Medicine Pine tonifies Qi (vital energy), strengthens the Lungs, and Shen (spirit).

 Ways to integrate Pine into your life :
. Find some sap while in nature and inhale the pure aroma 
. Diffusor : 3-5 drops of essential oil in water
. Massage or bath oil : 2-5% essential oil diluted in a plant-based oil : a double action, warming and circulation booster.
. Hug a tree (my personal favourite), two feet grounded, big deep breaths.


That which is nourishing me this winter :

. Music - Check out my latest playlist Resonance on Spotify . Music moves me, it inspires creativity, circulates energy, uplifts, and connects me with source.

. Movement - Nothing shifts stagnant energy like moving the body. Colder months call for bundled walks, skiing, stretching, and dancing.

. Aromatic Baths -  My daily reset. Add a couple drops of Pine essential oil diluted in a carrier oil (raw sesame for example). A deeply nourishing remedy that boosts circulation and promotes full body/mind relaxation. 

. Miso - During the winter season, I mostly replace my drinking water with herbal tea infusions. A simple unpasteurised fermented Miso is my go-to at the moment.

. Low light - Beeswax candles bring a special kind of light and their sweet aroma. Salt lamps also give off a nice glow. Low light in the evening helps us synch with our natural Circadian rhythms of the winter season. 

. Flower Essences - Rescue Remedy to keep my nerves settled. This year I sought out a specific Flower essence to rebalance my hormones post after weaning my daughter, they have been subtle and profound. 

. Hydrosols - Wild Lavender Hydrosol has been a nourishing addition for the whole family, a multipurpose first-aid remedy. I use it for my children when they have extended themselves energetically, it helps bring an easy calm to our home environment. This hydrosol is also incredibly hydrating when layered under skincare, perfect for dry and irritated winter skin.

. Gratitude Practice - A simple and powerful meditation I learned from Dr. Linda Lancaster - cultivating gratitude with every breath by saying and feeling “Thank you” with every inhalation and exhalation. 

Wishing for you a warm transformational unfolding this winter. May your heart and body be warm and may your life bring you nourishment.  

Adriane . x