Adriane Elliott, RA EOT is a Registered Clinical Aromatherapist with the Canadian Alliance of Aromatherapy, living in Banff, Canada. Her practice of holistic Aromatherapy is founded in evidence based botanical research & aromatic chemistry, rooted in earth’s timeless traditional medicines.

Clinical Aromatherapy is a guided method of applying vital, plant-derived aromatic oils (essential oils) to an individual for therapeutic purposes. Aromatherapy or Essential Oil Therapy is a branch, an extension of traditional herbal medicine, specializing in the use of therapeutic aromatic plants. Essential oils are a concentration of distilled therapeutic plant matter. These oil and other raw aromatic materials contain molecular compounds that are a direct expression of the earth’s life force and natural intelligence. Not only do these aromatic compounds have a profound therapeutic effect on our physiological and neurological systems, they also connect us to the deeper energy of life.

Aromatherapy is a powerful remedy for conditions related to stress, immune health, respiratory conditions, musculoskeletal pain, and inflammation. Adriane has a particular affinity working with mothers and babies in an evidence based practice of Prenatal and Postnatal Aromatherapy; supporting families through prenatal, birth, and postpartum health. Clinical Aromatherapy is an effective complementary natural support to prenatal care and is helpful for common conditions such as nausea, anxiety, fear, stress, depression, pain, discomfort, sleep, breast care, lactation challenges, postpartum health, and more.

A Clinical Aromatherapy consultation includes a comprehensive health review, a custom essential oil formulation, a path of action, safe application guidelines, and dosage instructions. Consultations are available to individuals or families. Custom aromatic remedies or essential oil blends are made in house with only high quality, organic ingredients. 

CONSULTATION PRICE : $80.00 for a 60-90 min (custom essential oil blends not included). Consultations are available as a purchase in the shop - please reach out to schedule an appointment. Gift Cards Available.

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