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Size: 5ml

This aromatic oil is my homage to the children of the cosmos, the tender teachers who govern our hearts. A nurturing oil blend to support children in balancing their energy, calming their nervous system, and restoring their inner peace. A safe, therapeutic, balanced formula made with the vitality and life force of the highest quality organic flowers and citrus oils.

Chamomile flower is calming, relaxing & soothing for active children; it balances emotions, eases anxieties & worries. This therapeutic flower has a meditative & emotionally transforming quality. In babies, chamomile can aid teething pain & colic.

Lavender flower promotes inner balance & deep relaxation; it offers a calming comfort. This therapeutic flower can assist children with sleep, tantrums, teething pain & colic. It can ease breathing & is antibacterial. Lavender promotes feelings of love, opens our conscious mind & can be an aid for healing.

Italian Red Mandarin soothes, uplifts & inspires. Its warm, happy aroma awakens our inner child. The therapeutic oil of this fruit aids emotional sensitivities, hyperactivity, restlessness & stress related disorders. Mandarin is a powerful antiviral, immune stimulant, that strengthens & soothes the nervous system.


-Use in a diffuser to ease transitions to and from home; for sleep and settling issues

-Add to your bath for a calming bedtime ritual

-Blend in oil base for connection and relaxation massage

Ingredients: Organic Lavandula angustifolia oil, Organic Chamaemelium nobile oil and Organic Citrus reticulata oil. Rich in naturally occurring limonene, linalool, and linalya acetate. Pure, undiluted organic essential oil.

Products are sealed in beautiful, unique biophotonic violet glass bottles that help preserve and prevent the oxidization of natural materials.

The purchase of this product plants one tree as part of a reforestation project in beautiful British Columbia with One Tree Planted.