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Size : 100 ml / 3.38 fl oz

A natural and wild grown lavender is a higher expression of its original composition than that of a cultivated Lavender. Its connection to the land in its own timely unfolding gives this high altitude flower a unique imprint of the soil, minerals, water, light, and terrain in which it is rooted. A superior quality hydrosol to most cultivated Lavender varieties. Carefully tended and harvested by hand on an organic acreage in the South of France, this Lavender radiates its potency and vibrancy.

In essence, Lavender has the versatility to treat a variety of conditions; it has the exceptional ability to balance and restore physiological and psychological dysregulation. Lavender is a deeply relaxing and calming therapeutic remedy.

Lavender functions as a nervous system relaxant, and as a systemic restorative. This powerful flower is regulating, relaxing, and calming to conditions such as anxiety, irritability, nervous tension, stress, pain, and insomnia. The aroma is light and slightly euphoric, elevating yet calming. Lavender promotes feelings of love, it opens our conscious mind and can be a true aid for emotional and physical healing.

Lavender hydrosol is the top remedy for babies and children; it promotes inner balance, deep relaxation, and offers a calming comfort. This gentle therapeutic flower assists children with sleep, tantrums, pain, and colic.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Lavender nourishes Yin, activates Qi, calms Shen (Spirit).

Hydrosols are the condensate aromatic water that is produced during the hydro distillation process of plant mater for the production of essential oils. At times this is a co-distillation process, where both the essential oils and hydrosols are produced; for more refined waters the distillation process is solely for special hydrosol production. 

Lavender Hydrosol for skin health :

Skin types - All skin types, sensitive skin.

  • hydrating
  • regenerative for damaged and fragile skin
  • Calming and cooling to inflamed skin
  • pH balanced
  • useful as a soothing aftershave
  • useful for sunburns, rashes, bug bites, and skin irritations
  • layer under sunscreen to help prevent wind and temperate damage

Ritual / Use :

  • a facial tonic after cleansing
  • a subtle perfume.
  • a gentle substitution to deodorant
  • a medium for spiritual or mindfulness practices
  • a soft mist to lift, cool, cleanse and refresh
  • a tool for positive scent recognition 
  • a mist for bedding or room to promote sleep
  • an addition to bathwater

Ingredients : Organic, wild harvested Lavandula angustifolia vera (Lavender hydrosol).

100% pure, organic, undiluted hydrosol, preservative free. 

Products are sealed in beautiful and unique biophotonic violet glass bottles that help preserve and, prevent the oxidisation of natural materials.

The purchase of this product plants one tree as part of a reforestation project in beautiful British Columbia with One Tree Planted.