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Size : 100ml / 3.38 fl oz

A beautiful union of Rosewater, distilled from the sacred Rose Otto, Rose De Mai and, Rose Alba; unified to offer a fuller expression of the Rosa genus. 

Hydrosols are the condensate aromatic water that is produced during the hydro distillation process of plant mater for the production of essential oils. At times this is a co-distillation process, where both the essential oils and hydrosols are produced; for more refined waters the distillation process is solely for special hydrosol production. 

The gift of Rose is their ability to help us connect to our internal rhythms, the rhythm of our heart, our breath, our hormones, and our sleep; in turn, they deepen our connection to the natural biorhythms of the earth and cosmos from a place of heart-centered awareness. 

Know as the original Tree of Life, Roses have inhabited earth for 35 million years. Rosewater is the oldest plant perfume and medicine known; records indicate the distillation of Rose in Iranian Persia, 850 AD. The famous Rose Damascena has been traced back to its origin in the foothills of the Western Himalaya. Ancient Mystics celebrated Rose as a symbol of the Great Mother who generated unconditional cosmic love, a source of all life on earth - promising transformation, growth, and rebirth. Rose is an expression of the feminine, divine love, spiritualised sexuality, beauty, and compassion. They are Yin in nature and cooling like their morning blossoms. 

Roses have strong, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety & mild sedative qualities. As a psychological relaxant, Rose regulates the autonomic nervous system, reducing nervous stress & tension. A powerful reproductive tonic for both men and women and a key remedy for women - mind, body, and spirit. Rose universally encourages feelings of love & heart-centered awareness.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Rose nourishes Yin, harmonises the Heart and Shen (spirit).

Rose hydrosol for skin health : 

Skin types - Dry, Mature, Sensitive, Devitalised
  • cooling, hydrating and, mildly astringent for dehydrated inflamed skin
  • skin regenerator, a capillary stimulant for broken capillaries, scars and, fine lines
  • anti-inflammatory, astringent and, antiseptic for acne and wounds
  • regulating and, balancing for postpartum hormonal skin 

Ritual / Use :

  • a facial tonic after cleansing
  • a subtle perfume.
  • a gentle substitution to deodorant
  • a medium for spiritual or mindfulness practices
  • a soft mist to lift, cool, energise, cleanse and refresh

Ingredients :

Organic Rosa damascena (Rose Otto hydrosol), organic Rosa centifolia (Rose de Mai hydrosol), organic Rosa alba (Rose Alba hydrosol). 100% pure organic hydrosol, preservative free. 

Products are sealed in beautiful, unique biophotonic violet glass bottles that help preserve and, prevent the oxidisation of natural materials.

Hydrosols have a limited shelf life, consume within one year. Storage in a refrigerator is recommended. 

The purchase of this product plants one tree as part of a reforestation project in beautiful British Columbia with One Tree Planted.