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Color: Eucalyptus

An eye pillow from the heavens. This large, contoured, light blocking & weighted Eye Pillow is filled with the heavenly combination of organic therapeutic flowers - Rose, Chamomile, Lavender, Hops, and roasted Buckwheat. Each luxuriously soft silk Charmeuse cover is one of a kind & is hand dyed with plants and natural materials. The perfect compliment to one mindfulness practices and sleep rituals.

Chamomile flowers balance emotions, have meditative properties & are emotionally transformative. Chamomile eases anxiety & worry; the flowers calm & soothe an active mind.

Hops flowers are a powerful nervous system relaxant; they ease stress & tension. Hops have strong sedative properties that help induce sleep & cases of insomnia. The nature of these flowers offer pain relief for headaches & migraines.

Lavender flowers are very calming & comforting; their sedative properties tone the nervous system & promote deep relaxation. Lavender is an immunostimulant. On an energetic level, Lavender harmonizes, nurtures inner balance & opens the conscious mind.

Roses have strong anti-depressant, anti-anxiety & mild sedative qualities. As a psychological relaxant, Rose reduces nervous stress & tension. Rose universally encourages feelings of love & heart-centered awareness.

Care: Hand wash removable silk cover, with neutral soap in cold water & hang to dry. Keep the inner buckwheat pillow away from water.

Ingredients: Organic Chamomilla recutita flower, organic Humulus lupulus flowers, organic Lavendula intermedia flowers, organic Rosa centifolia petals, organic roasted Buckwheat, organic Cotton (pillow), Silk Charmeuse (cover).

Made by hand from consciously sourced ingredients.

The purchase of this product plants one tree as part of a reforestation project in beautiful British Columbia with One Tree Planted.